Sometimes a DJ comes along who challenges everything you thought you knew about a place like Salt Lake City (SLC), Utah. Sometimes it’s actually two DJs, but you don’t know that at first because they have a confusing name like “C0zmosph3re” or something.

Never fear – SumPPLzKids may not have the whole spelling thing down, but they at least had the foresight to put their stage name as a duo in the plural form.

Don’t let their tongue-in-cheek moniker fool you, either. Although SumPPLzkids refuse to take themselves too seriously they most certainly know how to throw down, and their signature blend of bass music, electro house and breakbeat has made SumPPLzKids a household name in SLC’s vibrant nightlife scene. Read More…

 PRPL X SumPPLzKids Feat. Ally Burch – Wasted [OUT NOW]